I love my family (and our cat Penny). I love photographing the everyday moments that seem to just fly by when you’re busy working, parenting, and just keeping up with life. I’m a mom of 3 crazy kiddos. I wouldn’t trade the world for my family’s collection of photos from visits to grandparents’ houses, morning trips to the beach, barbeques with friends and neighbors, or ones of my kids just being silly. That’s what photography has been for me: my family, my friends, my memories.

A few years ago I made the choice to follow my passion and make photography my business. I believe that everyone deserves beautiful and affordable photographs to cherish of their loved ones. My portfolio is always a work in progress, so check back for updates. My aim is to photograph babies, kids, families, furry friends, and small parties (birthdays, family events, etc.).

I am also still learning and will continue to learn about my craft... what draws out the best giggles in your little ones, how to keep a shoot low stress but fun, and how to use the light and the camera to perfectly capture the brightness of your personality. I hope for the opportunity to photograph the simple joy in your everyday moments and give you pictures that you can treasure for a lifetime. Thanks for reading and visiting!

P.S. I also love sunrises, dancing, Hawaii, soy vanilla lattes, sloths, sunsets, and the occasional Taco Bell. :)